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Artist Component

Born and raised in Grey Lynn, component taught himself the art of stencilling. The street was his canvas, his means for critiquing society.  Cut Collective collaborations and a shared studio on K Road led to his role as curator of the street art website,  Despite his community focus, his work has been seen throughout New Zealand.  Shows such as Picture Perfect in a World of Chaos at Silo Park in 2012 stand out alongside exhibitions at The Dowse, Auckland City Gallery, Dunedin Public Art Gallery and Parnell's Webb Gallery. 

While Grey Lynn has gentrified, component's sense of place remains integral to his work.  From spray-painting city walls to working with canvas for the country's most prestigious galleries, component is traveling a journey that brings colour and consideration to the streets and homes of Aoteaora.  Component was shaped by his environment.  Now he helps shape it.



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